Terra Antica

The Terra Antica brand was born from a long agricultural history of the Ricciuti family with the Roberto Canio Ricciuti Farm, which has been conducting cereal cultivation and sheep, goat and pig breeding activities for generations on its land located in the countryside of Vaglio Basilicata.

With this brand today, the farm offers the best of its productions that convey our value of absolute respect for work and for this land of Vaglio where ancestral traditions related to agricultural production and food have remained solid, an ancient land one of the last bastions of traditional gastronomy of sublime quality.

The Farm

Roberto Canio Ricciuti’s farm has always operated in accordance with the traditional values of agriculture and animal husbandry by following the best practices in both grain cultivation and animal husbandry and in the production of meats, cold cuts and cheeses. Grain cultivation is conducted with completely natural methods. For the feeding of sheep, goats and pigs, cereals and fodder grown on the farm are used. >> The Farm

Agriturismo La Dimora dei Cavalieri

In 2001 the Ricciuti family created the Agriturismo La Dimora dei Cavalieri on its own land near the archaeological area of Serra di Vaglio, in a natural and historical setting of great value. The Dimora dei Cavalieri, in addition to a cuisine rich in typical products, offers a friendly welcome, adequate recreation and exclusive rest in a unique environmental setting.

Terra Antica products, especially pasta and cured meats are those that the Farmhouse Restaurant offers to its guests along with all the other products of the farm. The organoleptic qualities of the raw materials and the authenticity of the meat is guaranteed. Ricotta and cheeses derived from the processing of sheep’s and goat’s milk are produced according to the traditional techniques of the old shepherds. A gastronomic offer distinguished by exquisiteness and genuineness, increasingly appreciated by Italian and foreign guests. >> Agriturismo

Vaglio Basilicata an Ancient Land

Ancient Land (Terra Antica) derives from the fact that the farm’s land is located in the countryside of Vaglio Basilicata and is surrounded by some of the region’s most important archaeological sites, particularly the Serra di Vaglio area and the shrine dedicated to the Goddess Mefitis located in Rossano di Vaglio. The excavations and studies conducted describe a place of great power and wealth of the ancient Lucanian Peoples testified by the grave goods representative of the life of the inner Lucania of the 4th century B.C. and its aristocracies, deeply Hellenized, yet open to contacts with other cultures present throughout the Italic and Eastern European territory. >> Vaglio Basilicata