The production of pasta under the Terra Antica brand is the result of the long agricultural history of the Ricciuti family, which has been able to keep its land intact and maintain all the best traditional practices in the production of durum wheat in an area of Basilicata that has always been particularly suited to it. Terra Antica pasta is the finish line of a story in which passion, tenacity and, above all, respect for places and agricultural practices have made this product an Italian excellence.

Terra Antica Pasta

imagePasta is produced in 5 different formats: Calamarata, Paccheri, Penne rigate, Ditali e Spaghetti.

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Our wheat

The durum wheat produced by the Canio Ricciuti Farm is grown on its own land located about 1,000 above sea level, here the production cycle begins in November with sowing and ends in July with threshing. A process marked by the cresscita and slow maturation of a completely natural mountain wheat where no use is made of fertilizers and herbicides or other elements of a chemical nature. >> Our durum wheat

Pasta production

After harvesting and careful selection, the best durum wheat for the production of Terra Antica pasta is sent to the milling stage at the end of which the wheat is transformed into semolina. The semolina is then sent to the pasta factory which produces the various shapes and provides the final packaging. >> Pasta production